ICM - Philippines

Our food finally reached the Philippines and was distributed by ICM.  Here are some details about how the food you packed helped.



Your generosity provided 237,600 meals to more than 1,200 ultrapoor families and saved more than 50 severely malnourished children in South Cotabato. One-year old Mark would have suffered from severe malnutrition if not for your help. A participant in our Home-Based Feeding program, he was severely malnourished and underweight when his mother took him to the program. The food packs you sent gave nutrition that helped him recover. Mark’s mother, Myrna was very happy and grateful for your help. “I am very thankful for all the help, especially the food packs. They were nutritious.” she said.




Aside from Mark, many families have benefitted from the food packs you sent. Mercedez became a bread winner when her husband Anastacio became weak and sickly. Her little income from selling local delicacies is not enough to feed her family, and she’s thankful for the help of the food packs, especially when income becomes scarce. She cooks them as porridge or soup, and serves them as part of their daily meals.