What are your food packaging hours?

Packaging sessions can be scheduled at the warehouse pretty much any time you can get between 15 and 100 people to commit to coming! 
We will bring our warehouse to you if you have a minimum of 100 volunteers.  Packing sessions run 1 1/2 hours. To schedule a packaging session, call Sherri at (925) 400-7201.

What types of people volunteer to package the food?

While our name implies that children are the source of our volunteers, in practice our volunteers come from all age groups and walks of life. Individuals and groups from churches, synagogues, schools, social clubs, businesses, senior centers, and civic groups are common sources of volunteers for packaging our food. Children from the fourth grade on seem to have the best experience in packaging events. Teens require minimal adult supervision and often plan their own packaging events. Some of the best volunteer experiences come when children, parents, and grandparents work together as a family. Schools and corporations often do packaging with us as a community service event.

Can you come to our school/church/business to do a packaging event?

We can. In order to sponsor an event at your location, there is a minimum donation required so we are able to cover the cost of food plus transportation to get the food and equipment to your location. It is also possible for your organization to sponsor an event at our warehouse in Pleasanton, California.

You package food to be shipped worldwide. What is involved in that process?

We purchase bulk raw ingredients and store them at our warehouse. Then, volunteers like you come in and assemble the bags using our ingredients. The bags are then boxed up, loaded onto a pallet and stored to await shipment.