A Tremendous 2011 for Kids Against Hunger Pleasanton



Relief for Somalia Refuge Camps

A televised special about the starving children in Somalia spurred Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer Hosterman to reach out to Kids Against Hunger to pack food. The event was pulled together in just two days and approximately 250 people packed meals throughout the day. A total of $20,000 was raised, $18,500 thanks to Tri-Valley Community Foundation, and 100,000 meals were shipped to WorldHelp in Cincinnati for distribution to the Kenya/Somalia border.



Across the Ocean to Haiti and Kenya/Somalia

Thanks to Assist International, the Navy’s Handclasp Program and WorldHelp, we shipped 607,600 meals to those in need this year. The most recent shipment was picked up by the Navy in December and is scheduled to arrive in Haiti in February. Many of you will remember the heart-wrenching letter from Miriam Frederick at the New Life Children's Home reminding us all of Haiti’s continuing need for food and why we are so dedicated to Kids Against Hunger.

Big Hearts in Brentwood

With a lot of planning, love and dedication, the community of Brentwood came out to package over 125,000 meals for Haiti and Africa. Thanks goes out to Brentwood’s planning committee as well as all of the donors and packing participants.

2012 Packaging Goal

The new 2012 Meals Goal banner is already printed and hanging in the warehouse. May we have a drum role please?!  Our goal with your help will be to to package 1 million meals next year!

Extollo Updates

If you’d like to receive updates about our sister organization, Extollo International and learn about Extollo’s construction training work in Haiti, go to http://www.extollointernational.org/contact-us and sign up for the newsletter.

We're looking forward to a bigger and even better 2012, so sign up for an event and let's get packing!


Sherri Leal


Kids Against Hunger Pleasanton