Who Gets Our Food

sm kah partner receving food

Kids Against Hunger's first priority when providing food is always to feed starving children and their families – regardless of race, gender, faith, or other characteristics over which the recipients have no control. This includes those who are starving to death, malnourished, or dying of hunger-related diseases.

We work closely with our distribution partners - churches, schools, orphanages and other humanitarian organizations operating in poor countries - to distribute the meals prepared by our volunteers. We seek out organizations that have proven track records of successfully getting the food to the children and keeping it out of the hands of corrupt government officials and criminals. We always require our feeding partners to document how they distributed the food and provide us with pictures of the children who receive it.

We recognize that it's not enough to simply fill the stomach and walk away. It's not enough to simply send food. This is why we partner with people who promote continued sustainability in these regions. What does that mean? It means that some of our partners are setting up schools, teaching the local people how to farm and ways to improve their health. They administer necessary emergency medicines and teach people about proper hygiene and basic first aid. There are many efforts made to teach the local people how to advance so that they are never on the brink of starvation again.  One such partner, Extollo International, is involved in job creation through their on-the-job training program. Individuals are schooled in the art of construction and graduate as builders ready to work and take care of their families.