Fun Facts in January 2017

  • You packed 225,000 meals
  • We have an event scheduled at a school every week between now and May
  • The first shipment of KAH Bay Area meals was sent to India and will arrive and be distributed in March.
  • Locally, 30,000 meals were delivered to Feeding America
  • A record 27 packing events were held in January

New Partner in India

Children of faith

We have shipped our first container of more than 230,000 meals to India.  The shipment is expected to arrive in March and the meals will be distributed by Children of Faith Missions.   Check out their website to learn more about their ministry to childrend in India.

 They provides shelter, nourishment, healthcare, education, and clothing to more than 100 boys and girls.  The campus currently includes a three-story building providing housing for the children and staff and a separate building which houses the dining hall and kitchen.  A new school building and boy’s dormitory are soon to be complete.



New Wheels

Thanks to several generous donors, Sherri will be going to off-site events in a new set of wheels.  We were able to purchase a used box truck with low miles (44k) to help get our materials and packaged boxes, back and forth from corporate and school events.  If you’d like to ride along with Sherri, volunteer to help at a school or corporate truck

Feeding Hungry Kids in 2016

feeding kids

2016 has been a busy year.  

 Since January we have shipped four full containers to Haiti and two to the Philippines! 

We have also provided Feeding America with 125,000 meals.

 In total, 13,000 volunteers have helped pack over 1.3 million meals so far this year. 

Last year we packed a total of 1.7 million meals and it looks like 2016 is well on the way to meeting or breaking that record.